Spring cleaning is good for the soul

With the longer days and a little more sunshine, the majority of us definitely do start to see a boost to our moods and energy levels, which means that it’s the perfect time to get involved in a spot of spring cleaning.

Aside from having a bit more energy, it’s also true that the sunshine tends to highlight any scraps of dust floating about, so it’s high time to pull on those rubber gloves and get cleaning!

Especially if you’ve been lacking in energy lately during those endless winter months, then it’s easy to let mundane household chores get on top of you – that’s partly the reason as to why spring cleaning is so popular.

If you’ve found that you’ve got a lot to do, then the first thing to make is a list, which you can tick off as you go. From defrosting the freezer to finally hoovering properly under the beds, as you get through each task on your list, you can’t beat that feeling of satisfaction.

During your spring clean, it is also a smart move to do a bit of decluttering too, which has been in vogue anyway thanks to the efforts of Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo. And while you don’t have to be as diligent as all that, you could take a look through your drawers and cupboards to see if there’s anything you could donate to charity or sell online.

Clothes in particular that you no longer wear are a great place to start since you can really start saving some space here. You’ll be starting to dig out all of those spring and summer fashions anyway!

A tidy house can help with a tidy mind, and it’s so true that it’s easier to relax in a space that is neat and clean with no dust bunnies running about. So get the whole family involved, look out the cleaning supplies, and get your house looking spick and span again!

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