Say Goodbye to Your Boring Radiator Today! 

Get ready to say goodbye to your boring radiators in 2019 and say hello to some of our top heating tips. Gone are the days when radiators were designed with only functionality in mind.  Nowadays, heating systems can be a focal design feature in their own right and can help to create a strong design aesthetic.   

As well as making sure your home stays toasty in the colder Winter months, the latest radiator designs can also inject style in any room of your home.  Plus, with plenty of options available to suit every budget, you’ll easily find the perfect radiator for your home. 

Classic Panel Radiators 

If you’re looking to keep things simple with your radiator design, then a classic panel radiator is the best option for you.  This type of radiator offers a sleek and svelte look whilst also combining a large surface area.  A panel radiator is also an easy choice if you’re looking for flexibility when it comes to where you can place furniture in a room.  

Column Radiators 

If you prefer a timeless and effortless style, then column radiators are the perfect choice.  These classically styled upright designs are the ideal option for people living in Edwardian or Victorian houses.  It’s also a great option for anyone looking to inject retro chic into their home interiors.    

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this sleek column design is just for traditionalists.  While they will seamlessly slot into any period home, a variety of new and modern finishes make them equally perfect for industrial style homes. 

Towel Radiators 

If you’re tired of feeling chilly after stepping out of the bath, then a heated towel radiator is the perfect solution for warming up your bathroom.  This type of radiator is usually made of straight-fronted or rounded tubes.  This makes them ideal for drying your soft and fluffy towels.  Any busy family will find a heated towel rail invaluable in their busy and hectic daily family life.  

Many of the latest heated towel designs come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, so you will easily find the perfect design solution.  From sleek chrome units to swanky stainless-steel options that will fit nicely into any awkward or compact spaces, to the latest high-end designer pieces that are shaped like coiled springs, there really is a design option to suit everyone. 

LST Radiators 

Low surface temperatures or LSTs are a popular option amongst parents as they easily eliminate any risk of children scorching their hands.  Most of the top models work by using airflow to keep the surface of the radiator cool without impacting the overall performance of the radiator.  

Flat Panel Radiators 

This is a new design model that provides a polished look.  This makes them a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a contemporary and sleek finish.  If space in your home is particularly tight, then opting for a flat panel radiator can replace bulkier, traditional radiators without compromising the efficiency of your heating system. 

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