In the last few years, it is has become seriously cool to be a sci-fi fan and is no longer thought of with unfortunate 80’s connotations of the heavily bespectacled nerd (not that there’s anything wrong with that look these days either!). So happily, now more than ever, it is easy to shop for amazing gifts for sci-fi fans.

In fact, the only problem could be how to decide exactly what it is you’d like to buy and gift. With an incredible choice of cool and collectible items, as well as unforgettable experiences and more, just where should you start?! Check out the following hints to help you with your sci-fi gift-buying inspiration.

For the star wars fan

When it comes to sci-fi, fans can often be neatly cleaved into 2 categories – the Trekkie (more about them below), and the Star Wars fan. Star Wars boasts a multi-generational fan-base, and as such, it is possible to find gifts within this category for any age group.

For younger kids, why not take a look at the fantastic selection of Star Wars Lego that’s out there – with so much choice, you’ll be able to suit their tastes as well as your budget. And for the adults, how about a Star Wars model that they can assemble and detail themselves? Not only will they get the pleasure of putting it together, but they’ll have a pretty neat collectible to show off at the end too. Have a look at the collectible Star Wars models available at ModelSpace UK to get a good idea of what’s out there and to pick a model that they’re going to love.

And the Trekkie

Whether they are a diehard Captain Kirk fan, or prefer Picard’s rule, Star Trek fans are usually committed to the series and film spin-offs. With more recent blockbuster movies added once again to the franchise, as with Star Wars, Star Trek has got a multitude of fans of all different ages.

And like with Star Wars, there are lots of collectibles and other items that any fan would be glad to own. For a more unusual gift though, why not take the next step by taking them to visit Destination Star Trek, which is Europe’s official Star Trek convention, held in Birmingham each autumn. The ultimate gift for the dedicated Trekkie, it’s time to look out those Vulcan ears.

To infinity and beyond

To borrow Buzz Lightyear’s famous catchphrase, if you’re shopping for a gift for a sci-fi fans that loves all things astrological, then how about gifting them something that’ll let them explore the cosmos a little better (and no, we’re unfortunately not talking about a space ship!).

For example, you could find out where your local stargazing events and observatories are, and whisk them away one clear evening for a surprise. Or about picking out a powerful telescope that you know they’ll enjoy setting up and using to check out those dark skies.

Shopping for the sci-fi fan is easy if you know how, so surprise them with an out-of-this-world gift that you know they’re going to appreciate.

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