Never too old to start winter sports

There are plenty of things that many of us try for the first time as we get older – yoga, running, long distance cycling, weight lifting, and lots more. One area that a lot of us are a bit too timid to try out as adults though are winter sports – age shouldn’t hold you back here either though!

With the right teacher, equipment and of course frame of mind with a solid pinch of determination thrown in, learning winter sports skills can be so rewarding, and well worth the effort. Find out a bit more about how you can get started here.

Skiing and snowboarding

These are amongst the most popular of winter sports of course, and who hasn’t dreamed at some point or other of smoothly whizzing down those snowy slopes? This is one thing you’re going to need an instructor for though, since not only will they keep you safe, but also others on the slopes safe too, whether that’s at an indoor snow centre, dry ski slope or on real mountain slopes. Good core strength is really going to help you, since you will be falling lots. But with a good helmet and taking it slow and easy, you can learn the basics relatively swiftly.

Ice skating

Ice skating is so smooth and elegant, and it is undoubtedly refreshing to be out there on the crisp, cold ice. And chances are that at some point or other, you have got out there on a rink, so if you’re past complete Bambi on ice stage, with the aid of some YouTube videos you can learn how to skate backwards, do cross-overs, and even stop properly. And once you’ve got these basic skills down, you can head towards playing ice hockey, or even learning how to do simple figure skating moves.


And if it’s a more laidback, slower-paced winter sport that you’re after, then get yourself down to your local curling rink. A fantastic sport of tactics, accuracy and patience, curling is becoming more and more popular, so it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon! Many curling rinks offer introductory courses and open days, so look them up and get involved.

Winter sports are for everyone, so it’s time to embrace the ice and snow!

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