Ideas to Organise an Unforgettable Birthday Party

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Who doesn’t love a birthday party? I remember when I was a kid, the excitement of having all my friends over and spending the afternoon in the garden playing croquet, fun games and eating M&M’s cake around a colourfully decorated table – the perks of a summer birthday!

As we get older though, I find that it’s a lot more fun to organise a party for someone else and see the look on their face – surprised, happy or both! – especially if it’s a surprise party. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration to organise a birthday party for a friend or a member of your family, here are some of my suggestions.

Plan a day of favourites

Get together with other people who know the birthday boy/girl well and list some of their favourite things: places, activities, foods, anything that could be part of that special day! Then plan a day around as many activities and places as possible. Have lunch in their favourite restaurant, take them for a walk around their favourite places…

You can easily make it a surprise by arranging someone to pick them up to take them on a ‘regular’ day, shopping or a quick lunch and have the rest of your party waiting for you as you take a quick ‘detour’! This may be a good option for those who say they hate surprises as they may not be able to resist all their favourite things!

Arrange a trip

If your loved one is celebrating a big something-0 birthday, it’s the perfect occasion to organise a memorable trip with all the people they care about! The destination can either be somewhere they have never been, or a city they really love, it’s up to your and what they would prefer.

No need to travel to the other side of the world as well! I particularly like Dublin for big events such as birthday parties – it’s a bustling city with a good atmosphere and a great place for a day or night out. Loads of good Irish pubs such as BadBobs even let you hire your own space so you can fully enjoy your time.

Share personal messages

If you want your friend or family member to really remember their birthday, it’s all about getting personal. Take some time during the party to show why they are special to you. Think about that moment in weddings when the parents make a speech about how proud they are, and everyone sheds a tear! You don’t have to get super emotional, but just being honest and reminding them how great they are can make for the best party ever!

Tip: if you’re going down the emotional route, try to include some funny moments in your speech or keep it brief so it’s not too much for your loved one!

cocktailsGet them to try something new

Sometimes to make a birthday truly special, you have to be innovative. If you really want your loved one to have a birthday they won’t forget, get them to try something they’ve never done before! Whether that’s racing around a karting track, attending a cocktail masterclass or a game of beer goggle football (yes, that is apparently a thing!), there are many activities you could choose from that will be great for this special day.

You can still sit down and sing Happy Birthday around cake at the end of the day, but the new experiences will stay with your loved one as one of the best birthdays they ever had!

It can be hard to plan a birthday party, especially if you’re trying to keep it a surprise but I hope that these ideas have inspired you for your next big party! If you have other suggestions to add to the list, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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