Discovering the charm of Corsica 

Although technically classed as one of the French departments, Corsica, being as it is flung out in the Mediterranean Sea, still isn’t quite French. Sure they all speak French fluently and use the euro, but there are so many things that make Corsica absolutely unique from mainland France. 

And since it is so unlike any other French destination, Corsica is of course an incredibly popular tourist spot, attracting thousands of visitors to its shores shore each year. If you’re looking for travel inspiration and to visit somewhere that’s a little bit out of the ordinary, then find out just why Corsica could be the destination for you. 

The weather 

It’s a bit of a cliché to start off talking about the weather, but thanks to its location in the Med, Corsica does boast some pretty spectacular sunshine. With the classic Mediterranean climate of warm and sunny for most of the year, and perhaps an optional sweater for a month or two, whenever you decide to take a trip there, you can be certain the weather is going to be favourable. 

If too much heat isn’t your thing and you’d like to beat the crowds, late spring and early autumn can both be charming. 

The scenery 

If you’re used to Provence with soft rolling fields, then you’re going to be stunned by the wilder scenery of Corsica. With craggy cliffs and hills that are just perfect for hiking (just remember your sun cream and water bottle!), the Corsican landscape is savage yet wildly beautiful. 

There are plenty of trails to follow, particularly in the north of the island, so it is really easy to get out and about and away from tourist traps if you prefer a more outdoorsy sort of holiday. 

The culture 

Corsica, by law, is a territorial collectivity, meaning that is does enjoy a limited amount of autonomy, especial compared to other French regions, and even boasts its own assembly. This is hardly surprising considering that it has belonged to France since 1768 (excepting a brief period when England owned it) – after all one of France’s most famous sons belonged to the island – Napoleon himself, who was born on the island in 1768. 

Despite the affinity to France however, there are many things that are distinct to Corsica such as the language, which is more closely related to Tuscan dialects than French. 

The history 

Thanks to its key trading position in the Med, Corsica has enjoyed an exciting past, and has passed through the hands of the Italians, British and now the French. In Ajaccio the capital, you can see buildings that reflect this rich history, with both military and merchant architecture vying for space. 

Corsica was really prosperous during medieval times too, and there is plenty of religious architecture as well to take in throughout the region. 

The cuisine 

French cuisine is lauded throughout for the world for its incredible execution, so understandably Corsica with the pick of the finest Mediterranean ingredients also boasts some seriously tasty dishes. Local delicacies include azimu, a lobster fish soup, stufatu, a lasagne with beef, pork and veal, and civet de sanglier, which is a wild boar dish.  

With such delicious flavours on offer, make sure you make the time to enjoy some fine dining during your trip! 

If you’ve been thinking about a sunshine holiday in a destination that’s a little bit different, then we reckon that Corsica is going to be the perfect pick! To help you get planning with your trip and accommodation, we recommend checking out the holidays available at https://www.markwarner.co.uk/sun-holidays/corsica, since they’ve got a great location, and everything you need to really enjoy your Corsican holiday. 

Succumb to the charm of Corsica on your next trip – you’re going to love it! 


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