Snow Report - 28-04-2017


Risk: Limited

Daily Update


It will be cloudy with poor visibility throughout the morning. Snow will continue to come down until midday, adding to the 9cm we saw in town overnight. The cloud cover will breakup progessively this afternoon. Wind will be coming in from the North and could be strong at altitude with the chance of gusts of 50 to 70km/h. Maximum temperatures for the day are -2° at 2000m and -7° at 3000m.

Tongiht the skies will be mostly clear. The temperature in resort will fall to -7°, it will get down to -14° up top. Tomorrow we should see the return of sunshine and blue skies.


Ski Report : 40cm of snow on the snowfront, 150cm on top of the Solaise.

10cm of fresh snow on top of the Solaise.

Fornet: Cognon and Foret are closed for the rest of the season.

Solaise: Everything but Cugnai, the S, the Traversee du Laisinant, Glaciers, and the bottom of Marmottons will be open. Lessieres and St Jacques may or may not open.

Bellevarde: Triffolet will remain closed as will Mont Blanc, Lanches, the G and the Snow Park. The top of Santons is now closed as is the bottom of Epaule du Charvet but you can use the top of the Epaule and the bottom of Santons to come down in to the Manchet valley.

Both links to Tignes are open.

No cross-country pistes are open. All walking paths except Lac de l'Ouillette will open.

Please respect pistes which are marked closed as certain pistes may shut in the afternoon due to risk of avalanche when the snow gets humid and heavy. The avalanche risk is a 2 out of 5. If you do plan on going off-piste please