Snow Report - 07-12-2017


Risk: Limited

Daily Update


It looks like another beautiful sunny day in the mountains today, although it will be a little bit colder than yesterday; maximum temperatures for the day are +2° at 2000m and -4° at 3000m.

Cloud cover will move in quickly tonight with the first snowflakes coming down around midnight. We'll hopefully see 5cm come down before sunrise but a strong Westerly wind will be moving it around quite a bit.

The snowfall will continue tomorrow with somewhere between 5 and 20cm expected. The wind could pick up significantly while temperatures will be a bit colder than today.


Ski Report :

Snow Depth: 48cm of snow on the pistes at resort level, 70cm on top of the Solaise.

Fornet: A bit more is open in the Fornet now with Pyramides, Pont Abatte, Traversee des Arces, and Arrolay. The Mangard has opened up as well and is the first homerun to open in the Fornet this season. Up on the Pissailas glacier you can take the Cema piste to the Moraine and Pissaillas runs. The Lessieres lift will take you from the Fornet to the Solaise but isn't running in the other direction.

Solaise: The free Village and Savonnette lifts are running on the snowfront joined by quite a few pistes up top and the Plan, M, Rhone-Alpes, Combe Martin, and Mattis which allow you to ski all the way down to resort. Traversee du Laisinant is open as well so you can get back around to the snowfront from the bottom of Mattis.

Bellevarde: The tops of most of the runs towards La Daille are open with the Verte open from top to bottom to get you down to La Daille. The Face de Bellevarde and the Joseray will open at some point today for the first time of the season. Up top you can enjoy the Collet, Fontaine Froide, and Grand Pre.

You can get to Tignes from the Bellevarde via the Tommeuses chair.

The small loop of the Manchet valley is the only cross-country run open and it runs the risk of closing today.

Please respect pistes which are marked closed. The avalanche risk is 2 out of 5, but if you do decide to head off-piste you'll run the risk of injury and will likely destroy your skis.



Henry's Avalanche Talk

A cold and snowy start to the new season!

Off-piste snow report: 30 Nov – 6 Dec for Savoie & Northern French Alps

Off Piste Snow and Weather Report 30 Nov to 6 Dec

Some nice strips of powder here and there. Wayne Watson photo

A chilly start to the 2017/18 season, and more snow than this time last year!

Val d’Isere, Tignes and some other resorts opened last weekend, luckily, we’d received enough snow for quite a few ski runs to be prepared. Since then, we’ve also had a couple of small top ups of fresh snow (3 to 10 cm), with more forecast over the next few days for much of the N. French Alps.

Following a busy opening weekend, the pistes are now virtually empty. Off-piste conditions are currently a bit…very thin, and we could do with more coverage. When visibility is poor, it’s probably best avoided at the moment. There are a lot of rocks lurking beneath the surface, and there’s not a lot of base. We’ve seen a few injuries to skiers, and to their skis! That said, there are a also quite a few nice strips of powder and creamy compressed snow to be found in the off-piste (see Wayne Watson’s photo), which are especially nice when you can see where you’re going!

Because the pistes are so quiet they’ve been making for some lovely skiing when we’ve received fresh powder snow on top of the groomed snow. In white-out conditions it’s been very pleasant to stick to the powder on the piste, without risking the rocky off-piste! Thanks to recent low temperatures, snow cannons have been working flat out for the last few days and you can ski right down to resort level in most high resorts. This opens lots of possibilities, the link with Val d’Isère and Tignes is open for example. Some of the pistes are pretty narrow, so you need to keep your wits about you and control your speed, but the snow quality is good for this time of season!

It looks as if there are going to be a few cloudy days ahead, with potentially a lot of snow. The avalanche risk is currently only about a one, but we need to beware of any substantial amount of fresh snow, say half a metre or more. If that happens, the avalanche risk will shoot up to around a 3 or even a 4! Check out what all the avalanche danger ratings mean on Meteo France have not yet started issuing their official avalanche bulletins, but these should be coming out in the next couple of weeks.

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