Get your name on Everest

Dangerous Dave is an ex-seasonaire from Tignes who is going to climb his first mountain ever in April. Why the fuck wouldn’t it be Everest?
Kenny Jesus

Meet Dave.  He’s a fucking mentalist, but in a good way.  When Dave sets his mind to something it gets done and it gets done properly.  His first ever day skiing? Backflip.  Tried skydiving once, had his full license a couple weeks later.  Decided he liked the idea of riding a motorbike, bought one with the biggest engine in the shop.  Dave’s clearly not a man who does things in half-measures but we have to admit that we were still pretty surprised when, a couple months ago, he told us he had decided to climb Mount Everest in April.  Not least of all because when he told us about his plans he still had the stitches in his back from spinal decompression surgery...  Nevertheless, if there’s anyone who can make Everest look like a piece of piss on their first go-round it’s Dave.  Even if the twats at Guiness declined his application to hold the record for world’s highest plated serving of eggs benedict.

Dave’s one of those guys that might come off a little bit rough around the edges at first glance, but the guy in an absolute gem with a heart of gold; that’s why he’s asking for your help.  Although he’s worked hard to save up the money to fund the climb himself, Dave is trying to raise five grand for Snow Camp, a charity that helps inner-city youth discover skiing and snowboarding.  

We asked Dave why he picked Snow Camp as his charity of choice and he told us: “I really want to help give these kids an early opportunity of change. A chance I never got at a young age, to experience Snowboarding and Skiing. To witness the endless horizon of epic mountains this world has to offer, to broaden their horizons, develop their life-skills and support them to go on to other positive destinations in life.”



You might think that teaching underpriviledged kids to ski and snowboard isn’t going to do them much good in the long run but you’d be wrong; learning to ski or snowboard requires perseverance, commitment, patience, overcoming fear, teamwork and determination - all essential life-skills.

Taking young people from different areas out of the city to a neutral environment where they can thrive, challenges the territorial bias in gang culture today. Attitudes can be changed and cross-borough friendships made. Snowsports are also out of reach for many young people, we make snowsports accessible to those who would never normally have the opportunity to learn how to ski or snowboard.  Snow Camp also provides nationally accredited qualifications to 100% of its campers, including the ASDAN Youth Qualification in Health and Fitness, Snowsport England/Scotland and BASI Instructor Qualifications and NVQs in Activity Leadership.  They also enable young people, who are not in training or employment to participate in targeted work experience, vocational training and apprenticeships.



If you love skiing and have a couple of spare quid lying around (which, if you are lucky enough to be skiing you likely do) then head over to Dave’s donation page at and help make a change in the lives of the next generation of British youth.

As a bonus Dave is making a flag with the names of everybody who donates which he’ll take up to the summit which is, let’s be honest, the closest you’re ever going to get to summiting the thing (and possibly, depending on who you are, the closest you’ll ever get to heaven).

Donate to Dave here, and don't forget to follow along on Instagram.